Burneside Neighbourhood Plan 2017
How will the Plan be developed ?

The Parish Council has already asked our community for volunteers to come forward and help on the initial stages of the Plan.

A Steering Group has been formed that will lead and guide the Plan, all the way through to the draft Neighbourhood Plan. The draft will be submitted to our lead authority, South Lakeland District Council. This will inevitably require significant work by the Steering Group over the coming months.

We also have an informal community group the Neighbourhood Planning Team, that is working with the Steering Group to undertake some of the foundation work required for the effective development of the Plan.

The Burneside Partnership has engaged the professional services of Mr Nigel McGurk. He will provide much of the technical advice and support required for a successful submission. He will write much of the draft plan, based on the work we do as a community.

Our plan will be subject to external examination and referendum. However, there is much work to be undertaken before our draft plan becomes a reality.

The success of a neighbourhood plan fundamentally relies on effective community engagement and commitment. Everyone in our parish will be encouraged to be actively involved in the engagement processes. It is essential that we gather, collate and listen to the views of everyone, of all ages. 

All neighbourhood plans rely on the cooperation of the communities. And every plan is a product of positive discussion, research, appraisal and consensus.