Burneside Neighbourhood Plan 2017
                                                              Burneside Neighbourhood Plan

Update from the Parish Council 

Many of you will be aware that Burneside Parish Council is in the process of developing a neighbourhood plan.

So far, the Burneside Neighbourhood Plan has looked at opportunities presented in the parish, for the development of site allocations. This has been done, without particular reference to the wider plan benefits or how each recommended site might play a part in creating a sustainable, vibrant community and environment. The Parish Council now recognises that the limited approach taken to date has caused alarm and upset for some and raised concerns for other parishioners.

The Parish Council Steering Group has met very recently and wishes to apologise for any concern this has caused, for a number of residents.

At that particular meeting, the Steering Group agreed actions were needed to improve the communication about the emerging Neighbourhood Plan. 

It is the steering group's intention to be able to run the complete consultation, to listen and consider all views, and to complete the drafting of the neighbourhood plan (including the selection of allocated sites and the planning policies that will secure the future of the village that we all want) by the end of 2017. To this end we will be setting out the consultation and engagement strategy this summer.

We look forward to working with you all,

Burneside Parish Council

These are:

To put in place a programme of consultation and engagement events to ensure we can reach  as many  people as possible to encourage a fuller dialogue and understanding of the process of developing a neighbourhood plan.
To ensure that the events and engagements provide all information requested.
To provide information showing the context and benefits of why we are proposing allocated sites.
To provide illustrative material to help people see what the development of sites looks like.
To make decisions, only when we have listened to and heard all that people have to say.
To make transparent the decision making process such that everyone can have confidence in it.
To employ a consultant to help in the provision of information, illustrative material and the engagement process.