Burneside Neighbourhood Plan 2017

May 2017

I think its time to talk about some of the concerns expressed by several members of our community.
Some of us are concentrating on issues which are relevant only in the future, such as ;
what type of houses ?
how many bungalows ?
where will the coffee shop be ?
why do we need any development ?
why havn’t we identified need ?
These are important questions but not for now, why ?
Because the NP is a gateway to make all these things possible as appropriate during the life of the plan - 15 years.  The 69 page vision document sets out the aspirations, the NP makes it possible.

How ?
By having the vision to secure the sites by taking the decisions away from the District Council and ensuring that we the residents of Burneside make the decisions, and it is enshrined in LAW.
The number of dwellings attached to each site is not a target; it’s a notional maximum.
Mixed sites do not need to be specific as to how many shops, workshops, houses, flats, etc.
Once approved there will not be an army of diggers and trucks tearing up the landscape and messing up our roads.
Some sites may never be developed and those that do will be developed according need and sustainability with reference to a whole host of requirements not least that of access and traffic.
A NP plan is not a town plan, it does not seek to be a blueprint. What it does is preserve the decisions for the future in the community. It does not replace planning permission or the limitations required under environmental procedures.
Some have concerns about the process, your NP team have followed the recommended process assiduously by working closely with our consultant who has been involved in over 70 plans and also with;

Farrer Huxley Associates
Progress Housing
United Utilities
Cropper Plc
Anglers Inn Trust
Network Rail
Cumbria Action for Sustainability
Quantum Solutions
and other local stakeholders.
The requirements of a NP are not a loose collection of ideas and suggestions, NPs are tightly controlled route to our taking control of what happens in our community.
My job as chairman of the council during the last two years has been to ensure that the requirements of neighbourhood planning have been followed explicitly and this has been done.
If any one has further doubts about this process I will happily arrange for a précis of the legislation or a copy of the act.
I have now passed that job on and I am now working in the ‘back office’ in a support role.
My first job was to secure whatever funding was available. Today I have had the green light for funding for 12 weeks of sustainability assessment work together with further funding of £15,000 to assist with the plan. I have previously obtained £7,000 for the preparation and submission of the initial application and £800 for media services.
Naturally there are very real concerns as expected. I ask that everyone with concerns becomes involved with the plan by joining the 50 members of the community, who have made a great contribution to date, in working together to achieve a satisfactory plan for all.