Burneside Neighbourhood Plan 2017

Housement Tenement            not recommended

Site Reference Number: 25
Site Name: Houseman Tenement
Site Size: 0.8 Ha
Landowner Contacted: Yes
Proposed Use: Residential
Site potential: c18 dwellings (?), based on a medium density, suburban scheme c24
dwellings per hectare.
Existing Use: Countryside/farm.
Identified By: Call for Sites.
Within Settlement or Within Countryside: Outside Settlement
Greenfield or Brownfield: Greenfield
Flood Zone Area: Possibly within Flood Zone – FRA to confirm
Any Designations (Policy Protection): Open Countryside.
General Site Summary
The site is some considerable distance from Burneside in a relatively isolated
countryside location. The access is relatively poor, comprising a narrow lane. The site
is located on a prominent hillside and development would be likely to appear
incongruous in its countryside surroundings.
There would be a major impact on local character, whereby a green, open and
spacious site would be replaced by significant built form. These factors