Burneside Neighbourhood Plan 2017



0.17 ha.
ca. 6 houses

Steering Group
Anglers Inn Trust

Consultant's Summary
The Playground is located in Burneside towards the centre of the village and is designated Public Open Space and consequently is afforded a level of protection from development. It is in a prominent location and whilst it is well maintained and tidy, the presence of a wooden fence combined with the site’s raised height above the road means that it does not make as significant a positive contribution to local character as might be expected from a centrally located play area.

The Playground, due to its prominent location and amenity value, is a very sensitive site. The Playground would need to be replaced in an equivalent, easy to reach and prominent location and any replacement development would need to demonstrate design of the highest quality – such that local character would be enhanced. It must be noted that, whilst not insurmountable, this is a significant hurdle, given that the Playground contributes openness and greenery.

However, it is noted that the site’s prominent location does present an opportunity for transformational change – in line with the vision and objectives for Burneside.

The Playground is regarded as a contentious site. It is only small and the point has been made that the site would provide for very little development gain, whilst comprising a highly contentious allocation.